Pre-Calculus Tutoring

Pre-calculus is simply a combination of Algebra and Trigonometry. This course can cover a vast array of topics from vectors to matrices. Some of the more common topics include Real Numbers; Inequalities and Equations; Polynomial Functions; Rational Functions; Trigonometric Functions; Exponential and Logarithmic Functions. Having a strong foundation in precalculus can help students who are planning to take further advanced courses such as calculus. Math Tutoring Experts provides professional assistance to help students succeed in this challenging yet very useful course.

Difficulties may arise in this course due to previous deficiencies in previous courses such as algebra. The problem can occur during many different parts of the course. Finding the equation of a line during the beginning stages; finding the horizontal, vertical, or oblique asymptotes of a rational function during the middle stages; or as challenging as being able to find the period, amplitude, and phase shift of a trigonometric function towards the latter part of the course. MTE covers all the essential topics and assistance that students will need to complete this course work successfully. Along with tutoring, calculator(TI 83/TI 83+) assistance is also provided for this course.

Tutoring sessions are provided during weekday afternoons and weekend afternoons. Students can sign up for packages in four hour time slots. Students have the option of having sessions that last for either 30 minutes or one hour. These tutoring sessions are available for high school and community colleges students. Contact MTE to schedule your appointment with the experts!

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