Geometry Tutoring

Geometry, or the mathematics of shapes is a primary class in high school mathematics. Math tutoring experts provides assistance with this course on weekends. Students can register by signing up for our four hour package with the option of having either a 30 minute session or preferably a one-hour session. Some topics in this course consists of Lines; Circles; Triangles; Planes; Parallel Lines; Coordinate Geometry; Slope; Theorems; Proofs.

Geometry has various shapes and sizes that at times can be hard for students to visualize. Geometry also consists of a vast array of proofs, postulates, and theorems. Due to these vast array of shapes and concepts to remember or recognize, confusion at times can happen with many students taking this course. Lastly, geometry is an atypical course in terms of general mathematics. This course is basically just seen during the first or second year of high school. Courses like algebra are taught in high school for two years therefore having more time to cover more topics. Geometry therefore has to compress more topics into a shorter time span. This lack of time can cause students to feel rushed with comprehension of geometric principles that are necessary for their success.

With this compression of time, it is imperative that students receive the best assistance possible. Math tutoring experts is your primary source for assistance with geometry. Please contact MTE today to start your students on the road to success with geometry!

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