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Table of Contents

Preface – A Word from the Author
Chapter 1: Removing Mental Barriers to Gain Confidence
Chapter 2: Effectively Communicating With Your Instructor
Chapter 3: Proper Reading Methods to Achieve Maximum Results
Chapter 4: Taking Notes to Improve Grades
Chapter 5: Following Directions Leads to Increased Understanding
Chapter 6 The Importance of Your First Examination
Chapter 7: Organization and Time Management Skills
Chapter 8: Minimizing Distractions for Maximum Effectiveness
Chapter 9: Note-Taking Outside of Class
Chapter 10: Homework: Prerequisites for an Exam
Chapter 11: The Benefits of Learning Centers, Tutors and the Internet
Chapter 12: Test-Taking Procedures
Chapter 13: Additional Techniques for Success
Chapter 14: Preparation for Final Examinations
Chapter 15: Advice for Online Students
Chapter 16: Results That You Can Expect
Study Patterns to Reach Maximum Results