Algebra and Trigonometry Tutoring

Algebra is one of the primary courses for students who are taking mathematics. Some topics include Linear Equations; Functions; Graphing; Polynomials; Quadratic; Exponential and Logarithmic; Factoring, Applications, Absolute Value.

Students who take of Algebra may have difficulty with this subject for a number of reasons. Identifying what is being asked of them can be one of the main sticking points in their development. Terms like simplify, solve, factor, and graph can often lead to confusion. A lot of these terms will often be used in this course. Math tutoring experts give students a platform in which how to understand what each of these terms represents and how to navigate successfully through their problems to conclude with the right solutions.

Another difficulty can come in terms of how to use their calculator in assistance with solving or even graphing problems. Math tutoring experts does not advocate calculators as being a primary source in assisting with doing problems, but adheres to the belief that calculators can be a secondary source to a students learning and therefore can be a valuable tool. MTE provides workshops on how to get the most out of their calculator (TI 83/TI 83+) and also help students during tutoring sessions on any issues that may arise with their calculator.

Math Tutoring Experts provides assistance for high school and community college students during morning weekdays and weekends. Tutoring packages are available in 4 hour time blocks. Students have the option of using sessions that can last for 30 minutes or one hour. Please contact MTE for more information about scheduling your tutoring session with the experts!

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